Intelium Engineering AB a technical consulting company founded in 2017 and is located in Gothenburg and Linköping. Our main headquarter is in Gothenburg. 

Intelium is the amalgamation of two latin words intellectus and ingenium which means "ability to understand and talent" because we strive to intellectually use our talent to provide sterling services.


Our vision is to create a better workplace for every engineer.
How do we support this vision? We support this vision by cultivating our engineers skills and talents so they grow along with the company thus creating a better workplace.


Our mission is to deliver great results for everything we do.

Our employees and customers go hand in hand

Core Values

Honesty requires transparency, we do believe that being honest and transparent is the key to gain trust and respect from our employees and customers. It will be easier for us to understand each other and it will be easier for us to work on a solution together.

Committed to our employees
Here at Intelium Engineering, welfare is essential. We see to it that our employees feel that they are an important element to the success of the company. Success of the company is also the success of the employees.

Customer Focus
Albeit the employee focused mantra, we also encourage our customers to vocalize their needs and displeasures in order for us to provide the necessary solution so as to create an effective and conducive working environment.

Passion for results
We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to deliver high quality services.

Joey Laguidao
Joey LaguidaoCEO & Founder
13+ years of overall experience in product and development, engineering, simulation, method development in Automotive and Aerospace Industry

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